2018 / 02 / 20

PLUM NEEDLE, an American technology company, is about to launch See-Alpha, a revolutionary rehabilitative product for presbyopia.

         Frontline: According to Engadget, after 10 years of research and development, PLUM NEEDLE, a California-based technology company, may launch a revolutionary rehabilitative product for presbyopia in the second half of 2019, which is expected to alleviate the presbyopia prevalent in the United States.

        According to some disclosure information and spy photos, the product is an integrated head-wearing device. Beautiful appearance, fashion, full of artistic beauty, behind the beauty of art, many scientific theories are included. Today let’s break through the fog layer by layer and witness the true mystery. See-Alpha involves two major fields: muscle motion control and neuro-visual memory. Special optical devices are used to regulate and integrate eye muscle motion. After a certain period of training, a memory-based visual information processing model will be established. After a long period of training, eye muscle movement will occur in the presbyopia trainers. The ability of dynamic integration is enhanced, and the adjacent objects can be judged more quickly and accurately.

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