Femtosecond ophthalmology (blue, pterygium, white) treatment instrument


It turns the complex, high-risk glaucoma surgery into a safe, easy and precise laser surgery. Ophthalmologists from all over the world will save the long-time training and perform glaucoma surgery in small clinics without hospitalization. It not only meets the market demand for safe and easy-to-use surgical equipment and reduces intraocular pressure, but also reduces the risk of long-term instillation of anti-ocular pressure drugs and medical costs.


Femtosecond laser ophthalmic glaucoma surgery solution

The symptom of glaucoma is that the fluid channel in the eye is blocked, and the internal hydraulic pressure is too high, which can damage the optic nerve and cause blurred vision. The femtosecond laser robot surgery can apply the vaporization method, which can open a tiny channel to obtain the fluid in the eye to recover your vision. Or enable ophthalmologists to complete high-precision, deep sclera excision glaucoma surgery, which can effectively reduce intraocular pressure without invading the eyeball.


It also allows doctors to use customized charts and graphs according to various clinical needs to set up different size and shape.



  1. It is safe minimally invasive laser surgery with little tissue damaged.
  2. Low rate of postoperative complications.
  3. Long-term IOP decrease.
  4. It is a single operation in outpatient clinics, low demand of drug using.
  5. Low cost and easy to learn.
  6. Short training time and high efficiency.
  7. Suitable for any kinds of hospitals or clinics.

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