Scleral massager


  1. Use and main features

In order to effectively protect people’s eyes, effectively relax the ciliary muscles, resist fatigue, replace eye exercises, and promote eye blood circulation, the company independently developed this product, an ultrasonic scleral massager with independent intellectual property rights.


1.1 Scope of application

User group aged 8 to 50 years old.

1.2 Use environment

Use in good indoor conditions.


  • Product principle and technical parameters

2.1 Product principle

The underlying code principle of the ultrasonic scleral massager is to use the eye axis difference formula, Hooke’s law ƒ=kx, and the position of the centripetal force to remove the centripetal force loaded by the longitudinal muscle of the ciliary muscle on the scleral circle, thereby eliminating the main cause of false myopia.