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Plum Needle Company was founded in 2018, mainly engaged in medical and health investment and research, the main direction is the application of light transmission pathway in the treatment of presbyopia, Hyperopia Amblyopia in children. Application and transformation of femtosecond laser in ophthalmology, oncology, cosmetology, nerve welding, etc. Headquartered in Elvin, Los Angeles, USA, it maintains in-depth technical cooperation and information sharing with the American Institute of Neural Signaling and the American Institute of Skin Health. Shanghai Branch (Shanghai Tingyimei Technology Co., Ltd.) was established in July 2019, located in Shanghai Science and Technology Venture Center.

The company is one of the world’s early explorers of femtosecond laser applications in the medical field. With a number of femtosecond laser patents in the field of medical and health. The R&D Department has developed new femtosecond laser beautification system and femtosecond laser nerve welding system prototype, and has made a preliminary plan for the next clinical work.

See-Alpha Presbyopia Rehabilitation Instrument and Children’s Eye Muscle Training Instrument pioneered by the company will provide effective treatment for presbyopia patients and amblyopic children in more than 160 countries and regions around the world. A few days ago, the research and development of Laohua Rehabilitation Therapeutic Instrument has been completed. In 2019, Shanghai Yanfan Medical Equipment Service Center of China cooperated to develop children’s eye muscle training smart glasses.

With the fundamental goal of pursuing scientific and technological progress and providing better medical services, the company will lay out the vertical development of femtosecond laser in the medical field in an all-round way, and eventually use advanced femtosecond laser medical technology to subvert the public’s understanding of traditional medical services and create a highly innovative cluster development of the medical industry. Concepts such as roads and new medical experiences.