Intelligent defocus glasses


In order to effectively control the growth of the eye axis and improve the naked eye vision (improve the contrast sensitivity), the company independently developed this Intelligent defocus glasses. 

  • When it is not turned on, it is used as ordinary defocus glasses, and the effect is to control the growth of the eye axis.
  • When it isturned onbejin training, it is used as a zoom lens, and the effect is to improve eyesight (improve contrast sensitivity).


1.1 Scope of application

   Adolescents under the age of 18, with myopia within 600 degrees, astigmatism within 100 degrees, and without other eye diseases (eye diseases include high astigmatism, glaucoma, cataract and other medically recognized eye diseases).

The company’s product training program can only be aimed at users with myopia of 600 degrees and below, and cannot treat other ophthalmic diseases. If there are corresponding ophthalmic diseases, please go to the hospital for professional treatment in time.




1.2 Use environment

Use indoors under good lighting conditions; read books, watch TV, watch mobile phones, and use computers. This product is not intended to be used while exercising.

1.3 Customize the use cycle according to the user’s individual vision condition, and determine the use plan.

1.4 The use process does not affect normal eye use.


2、Product principle and technical parameters

2.1 Product principle

As a high-tech electronic product, Intelligent defocus glasses use two sets of lenses: Alvarez free-form surface design is made on the outer side of the outer lens and inner lens at the same time, and defocusing optical processing is performed on the inner side of the outer lens and inner lens. The diameter of the center of the lens is 9mm. There is no defocusing treatment in the area at the center, and defocusing treatment is done in the other areas. Combined with the movement method of Alvarez dynamic zoom technology, when the Intelligent defocus glasses move, the unit of each step is microns, the amplitude is small, and the curvature of the defocus surface changes more smoothly. In order to achieve the purpose of controlling the growth of the eye axis and improving vision (improving contrast sensitivity).