Sunshine calculator


Functions of Sunshine Calculator


Allowing children and teenagers to reasonably arrange the best time for outdoor activities and adjust indoor time, discover new friends close by, measure light intensity, measure lens diopter, receive class notifications, go to Summer camp, get information of favorite universities and college admissions consultants, while the overall learning time remains unchanged.






Everything grows under the sun, and the development of the eyeball structure also depends on the sunlight. Looking from a close distance at books or screens for a long time can lead to pseudo myopia for children. Adequate sunlight help children secrete dopamine, increase scleral hardness, and prevent optic axis lengthen, thereby preventing pseudo myopia. If the schoolwork can be done smoothly no matter indoor or outdoor, and protect eyes at the same time, it will be a perfect lifestyle that parents choose for their children. This lifestyle requires the most accurate hours of light to be scientifically calculated.

Now let’s take a look at the four highlights of Sunlight Calculator.



Introducing Sunshine Calculator


  1. Outdoor activities: looking at the sky, the clouds, or looking far into the distance, each of them have different effects. The sunshine calculator can scientifically calculate the best outdoor time of each day. Letting children out to play in the suggested period will get the best result. The App can also predict the best time to go in the light in the coming week, so that each family can arrange their time out.


  1. Indoor tasks: The most important indoor spot to layout for children is the children’s study room. After work on a large number of data, we found that 99% of the rooms with the best light condition are the master bedroom. The best of both worlds is for children to take sunlight while studying. Therefore, it is recommended to give the best room to our children. The Sunshine Calculator can scientifically calculate the light index of each room and predict the light time of each room within a week. If you you’re your children, please use the Sunlight Calculator to calculate which room is best for them.


  1. Make new friends: the core derivative value of the Sunshine Calculator is the interaction between children of different ages. Just imagine your children playing with other children of different ages in the best light time, they can learn from each other while having fun, and new friends have been made. This is killing three birds with one stone.


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