Gabor glasses

The biggest advantage of Gabor glasses is its convenience.
You can browse your phone, watch TV, do your homework, play games without affecting your normal life and work, and your brain vision will be quickly and effectively improved before you know it.


The effect of Gabor glasses


Continuous application of his product can help children:

  1. Correct pseuds-myopia
  2. Improve brain vision/spatial ability and drawing
  3. Improve the image capability by 120ppi…480ppi-1080ppi (vary with different individuals)
  4. Wear 2 hours a day, you will see your vision improved by an average of 3-5 lines on an eye chart in 5 days. This leads to brighter crisper sharper vision (Enhancement of vision does not mean the restoration of diopter).



Scope of application


Adolescents with myopia who are under 575 degrees, astigmatism under 100 degrees without eye diseases (eye diseases include high astigmatism, glaucoma, cataract and other medically recognized eye diseases).


Our training program can only target myopia users under 575 degrees, it is not a treatment for eye diseases. Please consult your doctor for professional treatment in time for any eye disease.





Product principle and technical parameters


A tip can be learned from photoshop, a 480ppi picture can be turned into a 1080ppi picture after ps. PS turns the original blurred 480P picture into a clear 1080P picture.


And our brain can only process blurry 480P pictures as 480P pictures. So how can human brains also have the function of PS and have the ability of processing 480P pictures into 1080p?



The underlying code of Photoshop is Gabor function. Gabor function is derived from space-frequency conversion and Fourier conversion (Fourier-transformed video). In machine vision, Gabor feature is a relatively common feature. It is widely used because it can simulate the human visual impulse response to a great extent. The image contour enhancement technology in Photoshop is just in line with the human visual response.




We use Gabor function code software to burn the chip into glasses, and use Alvare lens technology to process frequency signals, spatial signals, and Gabor function signals, continuously give biological pulses, and constantly stimulate the brain, which will improve brain vision.


Combined with Alvare lens technology, which put the motor in motion, the lens can be customized and personalized to move, forming a memory impulse to the visual area of ​​the brain, and performing variable-speed movement according to the phase, speed, distance, and starting point in a certain stroke.



In general, the Gabor glasses can help human brain do PS. You won’t forget this skill just like you won’t forget how to swim after you learn it.

Gabor glasses discovered the phenomenon of eye shift during the training process (after training one eye, vision of the other eye will also improve).


Technical Parameters




Application scenarios


1、For people of 7-55 years old can wear Gabor glasses to relieve fatigue, improve vision, and get rid of glasses without knowing it.


2、At school,children in the entire class can wear Gabor glasses to reduce myopia rate. Children with good eyesight can even become super-vision, and those with poor vision can also benefit from them and get rid of glasses. You can consult relevant business personnel for specific operating procedures for our product.


3、For those who are unwilling to undergo the eye surgery can wear Gabor glasses for 1 week. This will quickly improve their vision and meet the requirements of eye use.


4、For those who have done the femtosecond surgery but still have blur vision can wear Gabor glasses to improve brain vision and see clearly.


5、For those who had cataract surgery can also wear Gabor glasses to help the brain adapt to the state after surgery.


6、For those that wear orthokeratology (atropine), can not only control the optic axis but also improve brain vision with Gabor glasses. After a while, the vision can be better than normal even without wearing the orthokeratology lens.