Femtosecond laser blue iris 

PLUM NEEDLE 515nm femtosecond laser
       By femtosecond laser selective solar-thermal effect, targeted "break" in the iris pigment clumps, make pigment clumps tiny pigment particles, then by the iris metabolism. Femtosecond laser using light induced by blasting principle, namely through Femtosecond ultra pulse time, laser moment can through the iris stroma layer to iris pigment epithelium on cortex, make the inside of the iris pigment particles instantaneous crushing, crushing the pigment particles will be consumed by human macrophages, slowly away, which change the iris color.

Tophat Beam


Prevention of glaucoma model

         Small particles of pigment may jam microcirculation, resulting in intraocular pressure rise. If severe cases and continue for a long time, will develop glaucoma。We through the iris laser perforation prevent the happening of the glaucoma.Does not affect iris stroma layer or layer muscle movement, plus the controllable negative pressure system, can be reached without trauma. 7 to 15 days the iris from brown to blue.

 Iris color management system software

        Through the slit lamp whole eye photography, finds out the corresponding color card

        brown is 735 nanometers。

        Selective miosis。

        Scanning the iris with a 515 nm femtosecond laser,Femtosecond laser can pass through the iris to reach the iris pigment epithelium.

       Software-controlled Energy Density


       When scan the iris with 0.65 uj/mm squared energy, after brown iris change into  purple iris of 430nm

       When scan the iris with 0.7 uj/mm squared energy, after brown iris change into deep blue iris of 450nm

       When scan the iris with 0.8 uj/mm squared energy, after brown iris change into blue iris  of 487nm

       When scan the iris with 0.9uj/mm squared energy, after brown iris change into little blue iris of 500nm