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The singularity of ophthalmology


The existing ophthalmology technology of mankind can only delay and inhibit the development of myopia, it cannot control or cure myopia. Tony Peng, the Jobs in the ophthalmology field, created the basic theoretical system of “centripetal force” and explored the nature of human myopia. This revolutionary progress has given a qualitative leap in global ophthalmology. On the basis of “centripetal force”, from the early visual prevention and control intervention to the correction of the entire visual system, Tony constructed a set of brand-new application solutions and derived revolutionary products and intervention programs to correct vision, this makes the restoration of adolescent vision a reality. This solution will replace 80% of the market, such as atropine, laser surgery, orthokeratology, and vision care, which were commonly used before.

(For the centripetal force theory, see the nature of myopia)


There is no perfect solution for myopia, only a rather perfect combination, which is prevention + ocular orthodontic + eye drops + brain vision ability = combination plan


Prevention: Sunshine calculator, everything depends on the sun to grow, scientifically plan outdoor activities in the sun, sufficient light promotes sclera hardening and prevents the eye axis from lengthening.


Orthodontics: The Octopus robot corrects the eyeball just like teeth orthodontics and helps the eyeball return to its normal structure. It is home use, easy to operate, and replace femtosecond laser equipment and excimer equipment for myopia surgery.


Eye drops: relax the ciliary muscle and harden the sclera.


Brain vision ability: Gabor smart glasses can train the brain to process blurred images and teach our brain the function of PS. The effectiveness can be seen in two hours. The training program is a pure physical training, which can quickly improve our brain vision and be a highlight in the eye massager industry.


Product line progress and status


Gabor smart glasses (made in December 2020)

Octopus robot (in progress)
Presbyopia treatment instrument (made in December 2020)

Myopia prevention and control APP (made in December 2020)

Femtosecond laser brain-computer interface robot (made and put into use in December 2019)

Femtosecond laser neural welding robot (made and put into use in December 2019)

Zoom telescope (used in military and aerospace field, in progress)

Zoom microscope (used in the medical field, in progress)

Orthokeratology zoom lens (in progres, samples have been released)


Nature declaration


“Central Force” is being submitted to Nature magazine materials.


Barrier moat


  1. Centripetal force theory

Any great innovation starts from a mathematical theory. The foundation of all TYM series products comes from the basic theory of “centripetal force”.


  1. Patent pool

Each series of products will have an exclusive patent pool to protect intellectual property rights.


Market positioning and monetization methods


Positioning: All the products related to the Centripetal force theory are aiming to change human eye habits and correction methods.


Monetization method: it will replace the femtosecond laser surgery market, replace the excimer market, and replace the vision care market, and rewrite the global ophthalmology textbook theory.


At the same time, we are working on:

  1. Construct an international sales system
  2. Organize a group of international talents 


Repeat Rate