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Plum needle was funded in November 2018 and located in the State of California.

Our business domain is in the field of myopia prevention and the light of consciousness.



  1. Prevention and control of Myopia

Our founder of the company have been in the industry for 30 years. Our vision team have been working with the world top labs such as the MIT vision Lab. He also discovered the basic theoretical system of “centripetal force” and found the nature of myopia. This revolutionary progress has given a qualitative leap in global ophthalmology. Based on the “centripetal force”, from myopia prevention to correction, our team has set up a new set of application programs, which derived revolutionary products and intervention programs for correcting vision, so that the rehabilitation of vision becomes a reality. At the same time, the company is developing and making products to prevent myopia: Octopus robot and scleral map instrument controls the lengthening of the optic axis and reduce the diopter. Curing eye-drops and food, sunlight calculator, Gabor glasses, and zoom contact lenses combined to control myopia.


2. The light of Consciousness

We have been doing research in the field of consciousness preservation for many years. We made breakthroughs from the entrance of the human brain visual cortex, and we use the brain-visual transmission as a path, which allows the brain signal processing capabilities to transfer and derive two methods and tools for the preservation of consciousness.

The invasive brain-computer interface extracts consciousness through the visual cortex, stores it on a chip, and uploads it to the cloud for storage.

Non-invasive brain-computer interface utilizes Gabor technology combined with the PS ability, transfers the consciousness to Gabor glasses chip and upload them to the cloud. For now, brain-computer interface, nerve welding, and intracranial pressure monitoring have been made.


Our company has always focused on technology and medical service and has been trying to make femtosecond laser a general-use machine in medical and beauty field. We will eventually make femtosecond laser medical technology a blowing and surprising machine that changes the world. Our technology and products will make the world a better place.